New macOS Monterey Safari Tabs and Tab Groups

macOS Monterey changes how Safari tabs look. The address field is now integrated into the tab and Tab Groups allow you to use lots of tabs without cluttering the top of your browser window.

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    3 years ago

    What happens to the existing Bookmarks Favorites list? Are they changed into new Tabs?

    3 years ago

    Robert: The Favorites Bar? That's still there, just like before. No change.

    Dana Schwartz
    3 years ago

    What happens when you have lots of tabs open? Do they shrink, or do they scroll off the side? Tab Groups might help, if some logical organization is possible. But maybe not always, especially for the less experienced.

    3 years ago

    Dana: I talk about that near the end of the video.

    3 years ago

    How would I switch to Reader view?
    Also, assigning a link to Reading list?
    And has Apple finally made it possible to move a Reading List link to a Bookmark?

    3 years ago

    Rob: In Monterey? Are you using the beta? You switch the Reader View like before. A Reading List is something on your Mac. You can't give someone else a link to it because it isn't something they can access. You can already just go to anything in your Reading List and then bookmark it.

    3 years ago

    *sigh* too bad my MacBook Pro is too old (2014) to support this.

    Chris in CT
    3 years ago

    After your video creating several tab groups was easy and helpful. Thanks for the introduction.
    Now, I would like to move or recreate them in a Private Window, but there doesn't seem to be an option to create new empty tab group and they don't drag&drop. What am I missing?

    3 years ago

    Chris: The idea of Private tabs is that they don't retain the cookies and don't save to history. "Saving" private tabs would go counter to that. If you want to reopen tabs as private ones, you could create a bookmarks folder with those and then open all of those items in a private window.

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