Online Course: The Guide to iCloud

If you don’t understand what iCloud is or how to use it, you are not alone. As someone that helps people with their Apple products every day, this is one of the topics I am asked about the most.

The Guide to iCloud is an online course for Mac, iPhone and iPad users that will teach you how to get the most from iCloud. The course starts by explaining what cloud services are, and what is included in iCloud. It then expands to look at each service offered by iCloud, why you may want to use it, and how to use it.

iCloud allows you to be more secure, more productive and get more value from your Apple devices. But you have to use it in order to gain these benefits. You can store your files in iCloud Drive so you can easily access them on all of your devices. You can have your  photos with you wherever you go, even if you don’t have enough space on your iPhone to store them all. You can share calendars, lists and notes with friends and family members. There is so much every Apple user can do with iCloud.

Want to know more? You can read about the course, check out sample videos, and see a complete table of contents at the special coupon link below.

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