MacMost Now 326: Paintbrush and Seashore

The Mac doesn't come with any drawing tools. Fortunately, two free programs give you some basic ability to draw and edit images. Check out Paintbrush and Seashore for Mac in this excerpt from the Guide to Switching to the Mac.

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    14 years ago


    Mio Navman Spirit V505
    14 years ago

    Fortunately i got this done, thanks for sharing this blog with us, i liked it very informative and helpful, thanks for this blog.

    Mio Navman Spirit V505

    wilson Abrego
    14 years ago

    Very useful every I watch a new blog I like my Imac better and better!!!
    keep up the good work.

    14 years ago

    this is a good video now using seashore

    Brian Hallmond
    13 years ago

    Gimp Sucks. Find it so annoying.
    I wish Paintshop pro 9 was available on the MAC

    12 years ago

    when you put it inmovie can you put more then two because i put two in and only one works whilst the other just freezes the clip any help?

      12 years ago

      Freezes? Do you mean in the preview window? Try exporting. Preview is just a preview and can't render everything in real-time.

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