MacMost Now 879: Paste and Match Style

Normal copy and paste of text will include the text font, style and other attributes. But if your intention is to just copy and paste the raw text, then you will want to learn how to use Paste and Match Style. You can use this in most apps, including Pages, TextEdit and Microsoft Word.

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    Jettsenn Zyrex
    11 years ago

    Such a simple thing. You have saved me so much time.

    Thanks for the video.


    John Jung
    11 years ago simple to do and such a time saver. Never even knew you could do this...thanks!!!

    11 years ago

    This is brilliant. It saves me so much time and less to think about as I work. Thanks for the video.

    Mark Alberhasky
    11 years ago

    As always, insights into problems for which you didn't even know solutions existed. I ALWAYS appreciate your newsletters Gary!

    11 years ago

    Gary, the paste & match works great with text edit, but links carry over when paste & match is used with word (for me, the links were the big headache in copying text). However, if you're in word, you can use 'paste special,' located just above the 'paste & match style' command and choose 'unformatted text,' which will strip out the hyperlinks.

    11 years ago

    This has driven me mad for a lifetime. As usual, a great time saving tip, thanks for the video.

    Ray Alston
    11 years ago

    Ditto all the other favourable comments... a real time saver especially with the keyboard shortcut. Thank you again, Gary.

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