MacMost Now 886: Pixelmator Paint Selection

The latest version of Pixelmator introduces a handy new way to select part of an image. You can paint with a brush to add to or remove from a selection and cut out a person or object. You can then apply filters to that selection, or invert the selection to apply filters everywhere else.

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    Joel Anderson
    11 years ago

    Very cool. I've had and used Pixelmator for a long time, but have barely scratched the surface. You have succeeded in showing me some simple, yet very useful and powerful, features that I didn't know about. Thanks.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    I tried Pixelmator ages ago but watching this video it seems to be better than Photoshop.
    I do that a lot in photoshop and it gets a bit annoying because I nearly always after finish it off with the Clone Tool. Good video Gary

    Stan Kays
    11 years ago

    Great video Gary. It seems with each new version of Pixelmator, its graphic design capabilities just get better. Maybe next time discuss various options placing text around objects.
    Thank You..keep them coming

    11 years ago

    Thanks Gary - another great video that has saved me hours of time!

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