MacMost Now 366: Proper Use of the Trash

The Trash in Mac OS X is a failsafe device to prevent you from accidentally deleting items. But many people use it as a holding place for files that they aren't sure about. Learn how to use the Trash properly so you keep files around that you may need, and delete only the ones you are sure you want to get rid of forever.

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    14 years ago

    Great tip!

    I've come to rely on Hazel to maintain my trash (among other files/folders, removing apps, tasks, etc., etc..)

    I've set Hazel to watch the trash, deleting items that remain there longer than 1 week. After that, Hazel securely deletes them. Still, for those deciding to use an app like Hazel or some automated task, test it first!

    But yeah. Don't use the trash as a temp holding folder. If in doubt, I like Gary's idea of a 'temp trash' folder.

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