Protect Yourself From These 5 Apple-Related Scams

Don't fall for these 5 Apple-related scams. Be careful when you get alarming emails, check carefully before buying a used Mac, don't assume everything you see on your screen is offical, and more.

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    Don R.
    2 years ago

    There is one legitimate place to buy used Apple products- at Apple’s clearance and reconditioned web site at the bottom of their main web site. I’ve bought a Mac Air and an Apple 4K TV from that site with no problems. They are reconditioned products thoroughly check out and any defective parts replaced.

    2 years ago

    Don: In general, yes. But there are a lot of local independent brick & mortar shops with long histories of being good businesses too.

    2 years ago

    Good video Gary. I have also heard/read that one should NOT call the phone numbers in the scam emails. What are the specific risks of doing that?

    2 years ago

    Gene: First, WHY would you call it? The risks are that the person you talk to scams you out of money or worse. Never assume that you are smarter than a scammer. They know what to say. They have done this before. Trying to scam a scammer is a recipe for disaster.

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