MacMost Now 347: Quick Look

Take a closer look at Quick Look, the ability to view the contents of a file without opening it. Just select a file in the Finder and press the spacebar. You can also navigate between files with Quick Look active, and browse around inside the contents of a file. Quick Look also works in Time Machine, Mail and iChat.

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    14 years ago

    Check out this option: Before hitting the space bar, hold down the option key. Now the quicklook window will be full screen right away. This is very handy when looking at a pdf.

    David L
    14 years ago


    I often get Word or Excel files that have the proper extension but are NOT viewable with quick look - only shows a generic icon rather than the preview of the file.

    I sometimes receive files through Windows firefox/outlook running inside of a vmware fusion VM.

    Could this problem be related to either a mime type or creator code not being set properly from windows or via firefox on windows download? I haven't determined a common trait to Word, Excel files that do work vs. those that don't work properly with quicklook.

    I really enjoy your podcast. Keep up the excellent work.

      14 years ago

      That's a tricky one. While the .doc and .xls extensions have remained the same, the formats themselves have changed a lot over the years. It may just be that Quick Look can only display previews of simpler doc and xls files, or ones that don't have certain features.

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