Quickly Insert Special Characters

While typing in almost any app on your Mac, press Control+Command+Space and you’ll get a special menu that allows you to select special characters like symbols and emoji. This is a variation of the Character Viewer. If you get the Character Viewer as a separate window instead, click the button on it at the top right to switch to this smaller insertion menu. It will shrink and appear properly the next time you use it.

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    Diana Pratty
    7 years ago

    Using OS X 10.7.5 and tried this command in stickies, text, pages and an old file. nothing happened except more spacing.??

      7 years ago

      You'll need to use the latest OS X for this to work. I think it works in the previous version (10.8) as well, though.

    Giovanna Goodthighs
    7 years ago


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