MacMost Now 896: Quickly Locking Your Mac

It is important to lock your Mac when you are away from it and in other situations. Learn how to set a hot corner and use a keyboard shortcut to quickly lock your Mac once you have set things up in System Preferences.

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    11 years ago

    Good tip again, only I'm wondering what the difference is with what I always do and that's ALT-CMD-EJECT.
    That also puts the computer to sleep and if you have switched on the option "ask immediately for password", it does the same I think??

    Keep up the good work!

    Rick from the Netherlands

      11 years ago

      Option+Command+Eject will put your Mac to sleep. Shift+Control+Eject will put your display to sleep. If you want to sleep the entire Mac, then you can use yours. But you don't need to go that far to lock your Mac. I never sleep my Mac (because I access it from other devices all the time) so I use Option+Control+Eject.

    11 years ago

    Great tips - I like to have the keychain menulet in the menu bar and then I can just click on that and select Lock Screen

    Jef Welch
    11 years ago

    Great tutorial as usual. Locking the screen is essential in business, proprietary information must be kept confidential and Ive always just closed my book. This is great. Tks.

    11 years ago

    LOL. I love how you say "You still need a... Hope you find this useful"

    As always, great video.

      11 years ago

      The clip got cut off. "to enter your password again" is all I said.

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