MacMost Now 160: Safari 3.2 Anti-Phishing Protection

The new version of the Safari Web browser includes a feature that will alert you if you go to a suspected malicious Web site. Learn more about this protection and how you can further protect yourself against phishing attacks.

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    15 years ago

    When they trained me to answer phones for Microsoft's help desk, you wouldn't believe all the stuff I had to learn about phishing and other types of scams and bugs that Outlook (or Outlook Express) was susceptible to. I had over three pages of notes on it within the first day.
    My friend said Macs aren't susceptible to all those other things to the same degree, just phishing scams and something else that had to do with Firewalls and chat rooms. I don't remember, b/c I have such a hard time understanding computer programming concepts. He mentioned IRC, though; I recall acronyms with ease, b/c my work is full of them. He also mentioned "locking hackers out with a password."
    I never asked him to explain that, but I've always wondered what it means.

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