MacMost Now 568: Safari Shopping Extensions

Learn how Safari extensions can make it easier to shop online. You can get free extensions that will show you prices at different sites, allow you to navigate product information and even add to your Amazon wish list from other sites.

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    13 years ago

    Hi Gary
    Would any of these sites work in the UK? ie. Give me alternative prices on UK sites rather than US sites.

      13 years ago

      Give them a try and see. They are all free, so it is easy enough to install them, try them, and then remove them if they don't work for you.

    Martin Kaynan
    13 years ago


    Two problems:

    1. I installed the Twitter extension and I cannot get rid of it. It takes up the whole bar beneath the Menu bar

    2. I installed Compass but I do not see any of the extensions besides Twitter that I installed.


      13 years ago

      Go to Safari, Safari Preferences, Extensions. That is what I show in the beginning of the video. There you can delete the Twitter extension. You can also check on the Compass extension to make sure you have it installed and that it is on.

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