MacMost Now 568: Safari Shopping Extensions

Learn how Safari extensions can make it easier to shop online. You can get free extensions that will show you prices at different sites, allow you to navigate product information and even add to your Amazon wish list from other sites.
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On todays episode let me show you some Safari extensions that will help you with online shopping.
So if you go to Safari, Safari Extensions Gallery it will take you to the apple page or the list, some of the most popular Safari extensions. Under there you'll find a Shopping category on the left, and a lot of these do kind of a similar thing, help you find the best prices or preform some sort of function at one or more shopping sites. Let me point out three that I found useful, and you can look through the rest of the list and find some that you like on your own. So here you can see my Safari Extensions preferences, I have these three here and I'm going to start with Compass. If I go to an Amazon page, and it works on a bunch of other shopping sites as well, I can pick a product and go to the page I can see this tab to the right here and I can see the different sections in the page, and you know sometimes when you shop these sites it can be difficult to quickly jump to something like, Customer Reviews or Product Details, you can just click here, on this tab and it will take you to them. You can even collapse things that you don't want to see. So for instance, you can collapse the Product Information there and Special Offers and just focus on the items that you want.
Now another extension we're looking at, its called Invisible Hand, and it appears here at the top when you're looking at a shopping site with a product like this page here, and you can see its telling me if it found a cheaper price somewhere else and you can click on this tab here and it will show you a list of prices from other shopping sites for that same product, now it doesn't necessarily mean you want to go toward that different price, I haven't ever shopped at this site before so I don't know if its any good but you may want to look at some of these others, and some of these I have shopped at before so if the price is a little better then you may jut want to click and jump right there. Now the problem with using Wish List in Amazon is what happens if the item you want isn't avalible on Amazon, well you can actually add items from other sites on to your Amazon Wish List, and that is made easy with that Amazon Wish List extension, and what it does is it adds this button here at the top of your browser, and if you're on another shopping site like this one and you click on it, it will bring up this window here and allow you to add it to your Wish List. Now since there might be somethings like the sizes and the colors here, you can add in comments, and when someone looks at your Amazon Wish List they'l get a link to this page instead with little instructions like saying which color you want it in and size and other things like that.
Some of these extensions have options like for instance Invisible Hand allows you to turn off Ebay as one of the listed prices which would come in useful, Amazon allows you to pick which Wish List you want to add to. And you can find extensions and do all sorts of other things, check certain websites, look on Amazon for price variations, and try to get you the best price on something. It shows a lot of different things so if you do online shopping check out some of these Safari extensions.
Till next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    8 years ago

    Hi Gary
    Would any of these sites work in the UK? ie. Give me alternative prices on UK sites rather than US sites.

      8 years ago

      Give them a try and see. They are all free, so it is easy enough to install them, try them, and then remove them if they don’t work for you.

    Martin Kaynan
    8 years ago


    Two problems:

    1. I installed the Twitter extension and I cannot get rid of it. It takes up the whole bar beneath the Menu bar

    2. I installed Compass but I do not see any of the extensions besides Twitter that I installed.


      8 years ago

      Go to Safari, Safari Preferences, Extensions. That is what I show in the beginning of the video. There you can delete the Twitter extension. You can also check on the Compass extension to make sure you have it installed and that it is on.

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