MacMost Now 818: Save Dialog Defaults

Save dialogs in Mountain Lion have two different modes: compact and expanded. Learn how to easily switch between them. The last setting is remembered, but you can also set a default using the Terminal. Also learn how to switch between saving to iCloud and saving to your local hard drive. You also have two modes in the Print dialog.

Here are the Terminal commands used in the video:
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool false
defaults write -g NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool TRUE
defaults write -g PMPrintingExpandedStateForPrint -bool TRUE

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    Barry Chertov
    11 years ago

    Thanks for the command to change the default dialog box, Gary! How about putting up that text someplace so we can just cut and paste it?

    Jorge Chemas
    11 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    first of all thanks for all your videos.
    I have a question, you have a folder on your icloud, how can I create one?

    11 years ago

    Hello Gary,

    Great videos! 2 questions about this video:
    This particular terminal command ending in 'false' did not seem to work for me though. I opened Text Edit and noted the save to iCloud option. I then entered the first code to (Cloud save to false), then quit/reopened and did command S. I still got the Cloud option in the save window. It wasn't until I actually saved a document to Documents in the expanded window that the change worked again in the future. Any thoughts?

      11 years ago

      The command changes the default. But it doesn't change the fact that it will try to save to the last place you saved. So if you previously saved to iCloud, it would do that the next time too.

    11 years ago

    Also (2nd question) -- this demonstration was with Text Edit. Does this type of change apply to the Save option feature of ALL applications? If yes, even ones outside of OS X, like Word or Excel?

      11 years ago

      iCloud is only available on apps that use iCloud. Word and Excel do not use iCloud.

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