Search By File Extension

You can search in the Finder for files by file extension instead of content or full file name. If you do this often, you can save the search for easy access in the left sidebar of the Finder window. You can then simply adjust the extension each time you do a search.

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    8 years ago

    Usually I just put the extension in the searchbar like .zip .txt. But having it in the sidebar is so much more helpful. TY.

    8 years ago

    An easier way is to put the extension in the searchbar WITHOUT the dot. For example XLS or DOC and the press the spacebar and choose "document type"...

    8 years ago

    I love this tip and just now saved my 3 most common searches in the side bar. I notice it searches the HDD and my USB backup disk. I think I would like it better if I could just search my HDD alone. Is that possible?

    BTW I am about halfway through your course teaching how to use pages. It has been very helpful for me.

    8 years ago

    Keith: When you first do the search, go to the top level of your hard drive. Then your search area options at the top will be "This Mac" and "Macintosh HD" -- the first would search all external drives, but the second just the main drive. Or, it may be more useful to start searching in your User folder so you don't also find things in the System and Library folders.

    8 years ago

    Did not know this. It works on my Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) which tells me Apple had this rolled out circa 2009 or before! Amazing foresight.

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