Searching Inside Web Pages

You can quickly find information inside of long web pages using Safari's Find function. By default you are searching only for the letters at the start of words, but you can change this to search for any place the letters appear. You can also select some text in a web page and then search for other occurrences of that text.

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    9 years ago

    Just wondering why you didn't use the search bar on the page directly below the search bar you used?

      9 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. The search bar below the search bar? There is a search field on Wikipedia pages, but that is just a way to search for another page on of Wikipedia, not for something inside the page you are viewing.

      9 years ago

      Doris... your way works on Wikipedia but not all web pages have a search field. Gary's way works with all web pages.
      Thanks Gary for a great service you do for the Mac community!

    Steve Cantrell
    9 years ago

    I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the videos that you do. I never thought I would need a function such as the one described in this video, but it seems very relevant on my daily work on the computer. Thank you and keep up the good videos!

      9 years ago

      Agreed! these videos are wonderful way to expand my use of my Mac. Today's tip is one I used right away. Thank you

      Roylyn Parks
      9 years ago

      Amen! Always great videos!

    Scott Beattie
    9 years ago

    Very useful tutorial. I was not aware that there was a way to change the search from starts with to contains - nor that the search within page functionality had changed in the last few versions. This tip will greatly improve my search productivity.

    Kerrie Redgate
    9 years ago

    Once again you have expanded the usefulness of a topic that had seemed deceptively simple. Who would know these extra every-day functions were there?! Thank you, Gary!

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