Second Life On An iPhone… Sort Of

The Second Life virtual world generally requires some serious computer power to run, mainly for it’s real-time 3-D graphics. So being able to run SL on an iPhone, requires some trickery. One way is to use the iPhone to control a proxy client, That’s what a company called Comverse showed as a Demo in this YouTube video. while this is interesting, it is just demo. You can do practically the same thing using virtualization software like iPhoneRemote from Telekinesis, where you control your home Mac from your iPhone.

The other way is to use Ajax and the Safari browser on the iPhone to access some, but not all of Second Life’s features. 15 year old Katherine Berry did some smart Ajax programming and came up with Ajaxlife, an SL client for the Safari Web browser.
You can’t see yourself (or anyone else for that matter), but you can chat, check your inventory of objects, do financial transactions, and look at maps and a few other SL essentials.
So If you absolutely have to log-on the SL and you only have your iPhone, Ajaxlife might just save your Second Life skin.
The caveats:
This software is in development. It might work or more likely it won’t.
The client does get overwhelmed. Your donations to the project will help the situation.
While the client is on a secure server., you’ll have to trust Katherine not to peek at your log-in credentials.

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    1/11/09 @ 2:27 am

    The ajaxlife one actually works. sends text immediately. Unfortunately, you can’t see anything except txt. On the SL end, you can see the text pop up right away. just b sure to press go and not done.

    8/5/10 @ 3:29 pm

    ffakkkk UUUUUU

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