Second Text Clipboard

Did you know your Mac has a second clipboard buffer for text? In addition to Command+C/X to copy/cut and Command+V to paste, you can use Control+K to cut and Control+Y to paste (Note: Control, not Command). And this is a separate storage space from Command+C/X. So you can store one piece of text in the Command+C/X buffer and another with Control+K.

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    Charles Lindauer
    10 years ago

    Control+K deletes text for me, in Pages, and Control+Y does not paste.

    In TextEdit, Control+K cuts text, Control+Y does paste. I haven't tried other apps.

      10 years ago

      Control+K will cut (not copy). A Cut is the same as a copy and delete. Like Command+X. Not sure why Control+Y doesn't work for you. I tested it in Pages and it does work.

        Ken Darvell
        10 years ago

        Control+K, Control+Y work for me in apps like TextEdit etc.
        However I cannot use Control+c,+X or +V to cut/copy and paste, I have to 'right click' and select Copy and Paste.
        I am using Lion with a USB keyboard on a MacBook Pro.

          10 years ago

          Control+C/X/V won't do anything. It is COMMAND+C/X/Y.

    Janet Lopez
    10 years ago

    The control+Y only works within pages.If you are copying from another app it won't work for me either.

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