Setting Pages Margins and Paper Size

You can easily customize the margins of your Pages documents if you need something different than the defaults. You can also select from standard paper sizes or create your own if you use special forms or paper. You can save paper sizes to be used again.

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    Brad Smith
    6 years ago

    It's a pity that Pages doesn't keep the exact specs when saving this as a template. I like to show the layout lines and boundaries. But it only shows the changed margins.

    David Misenko
    6 years ago

    I tried to use Pages as a publisher using text boxes and pasted photos... every time I would drag a new object onto the page... the existing boxes would jump all over the place... even to the next page... and rearrange them selves even though they were saved.
    What am I doing wrong ??? a setting somewhere ? thanks Dave M.

    6 years ago

    David: Are you sure you have the document set to Page Layout and not Body Text? If you are inserting objects into the body text and then have those objects set to wrap so they avoid each other, then I guess it can look like you describe.

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