Showing File Data In Mojave Finder

The new Gallery View in Mojave allows you to see file data for the file selected. You can choose to show more or less of this data. You can also customize this data to pick which items are shown by default. This function isn't for the Gallery View only, however, as you can also see it in all four Finder views.
Video Transcript / Captions
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So you probably already know that one of the new features in macOS Mojave is the ability to view lots of file data right in the Finder. So let's take a look at that. But then I'm also going to show you two aspects of this feature you probably don't know about.

This is typically demonstrated in Gallery View. Let's switch to Gallery View here and you could see I've got my files at the bottom. I've some images, an audio file, a PDF, and even a video here. I can flip between them and see this big preview here because it's Gallery View. I can see metadata here on the right and I have this Show More button here. So I see typical stuff like the created date of the file.

But if I hit Show More I get tons of other data and it depends upon the type of file I've got. So an image here I've got the camera that was used to take it, I've got the dimension, all sorts of information about the photo.Let's switch to something else like audio. I'm going to get like bit rate. PDF I'm going to get the number of pages and all sorts of other information about resolution and things like that. So it really depends on what you're looking at. Here's what you get in video and this even has latitude and longitude data.

I can click the Show More, Show Less button here to show more and show less. So that's typically how you do it. But here's the first thing I want to show you that you may not know about. You can choose what is shown on the condensed view. So this is when you have just a few things here in the Show More button. Show More actually shows everything. But under Show Less you can choose what's there. The way to do that is to go to View, and Show Preview Options. This only appears when you have this information up here on the right. You can also Control click on a file and go to Show Preview Options.

Here you have all this information. I can turn somethings on. Like let's say I always want to see the dimensions of the file. So I turn that on and now dimensions is visible there. So this is going to be there by default for any image I'm going to see dimensions. I can Show More and Show Less. It's still just as before and that will show everything. But dimensions is now one of the default items that's there. So that's really handy and you can choose something else here. Under Audio I can do Show Preview Options and say, you know, in audio I want to see Kodax Encoding software, things this file doesn't necessarily have, but I can turn all of this stuff on and it's there by default.

So you have control over this and you can customize it to suit your needs. That's the first thing I want to show you. The second thing is that you can actually have this information in more than just the new Gallery View. You probably already figured out that you can do this in Column View too because Column View has a preview area on the right. This has been there for a long time in Mac OS. So under this preview area you've got the same information here. So here is some of the basic information. There's dimension because I turned that on and I can do Show More and get more things there.

So I have all this stuff now available under Column View by default. But say I wanted to do it in Icon View. It's not there. But I can turn it on. So I go to View and I can say Show Preview and you get that same preview pane here on the right. Show More. Show Less. Even the quick actions here at the bottom, even in Icon View. So it's there for that and the same thing for List View as well. I can have that turned on or I can have it turned off there. So you can get all this information in all four Finder views, not just the Gallery View.