MacMost Now 753: Simultaneous Videos With Keynote

While iMovie only lets you include one picture-in-picture at a time, you can use Keynote to merge multiple videos. The technique involves putting many videos on one slide, and then exporting the presentation as a new video. You can use this to create a variety of effects.

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    Vivian Rosser
    12 years ago

    Hi after watching your tutorial on having four videos using keynote I gave it a try and was almost successful but I did something wrong because the 4 are all speaking at the same time could you please advise. Thanks

      12 years ago

      So they are speaking at the same time, but they shouldn't be? That's the question. They all go at the same time, of course, so it is a matter of WHAT plays at the same time. In my first video I speak right away. In the second, I pause for 3 seconds, and then speak. In the third, I pause for 6 and then speak. In the last, I pause for 9 seconds and speak. No computer tech stuff there -- just building the videos as I wanted to use them in this example. Unless you wanted this exact same example, you would be doing something different.

    Heiner Rodas
    12 years ago

    As always Gary, this is great stuff. Thanks.

    Richard Greene
    12 years ago

    Very cool.

    Chris Eschweiler
    11 years ago

    Great Tutorial, Gary!

    I think of Keynote as "The Poor-Man's Motion" or "The Poor-Man's After Effects." Great program, and Export options make some interesting effects possible.

    In your video, you opened Keynote and selected the black theme. The next thing you did was to manually delete the two text boxes.

    I'd like to suggest that you instead go up to the menu bar and, under "Masters" select "Blank."

    This will clear the boxes, and make sure they're gone even if you change themes.


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