MacMost: Ventura

10 More Interesting New macOS Ventura Features
Here are some more new features coming to macOS with Ventura this fall, including Photo duplicate finder, the Weather app, Live Text in video and more.
10 Interesting New macOS Ventura Features
Take a look at some of the new features coming to macOS with Ventura this fall, including Live Captions, the Clock app, new Spotlight features and more.
An In-Depth Look at macOS Ventura Stage Manager
Stage Manager is a new multitasking feature for macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16. Learn how it works and all of the options. See how it operates with app switching, multiple desktops and the Dock.
New macOS Ventura Notes and Reminders Features
There will be lots of new features in the Notes and Reminders apps in macOS Venture this fall. See how you'll be able to filter and use Smart Folders in Notes, create and reuse templates in Reminders and more.
New macOS Ventura Mail and Messages Features
The Mail app in macOS Ventura is gainign the ability to undo send, schedule an email, remind you about an email later, and also improved search. In Messages, you will be able to delete a message you sent and edit as well, at least for iMessage.
A Look At the new macOS Ventura System Preferences Redesign
System Preferences is now System Settings with categories listed on the left, settings in a list on the right, and new options and arrangements throughout.