New macOS Ventura Mail and Messages Features

The Mail app in macOS Ventura is gainign the ability to undo send, schedule an email, remind you about an email later, and also improved search. In Messages, you will be able to delete a message you sent and edit as well, at least for iMessage.

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    2 years ago

    Hi Gary I think that the send later feature in mail will be very welcomed by salespeople like myself, I have missed it and used third party software instead. Like you said in your video its important to reachout when the mailbox is not full😀 Keep up the great work that you do I have been following you for 7 - 8 years by now

    2 years ago

    Hi Gary, I think you missed the best new feature of all: follow-up. I've been wanting this for decades, and think it will be useful for dozens of business emails every day. If you can cover it in another video, that'd be great, or I'm guessing that it's similar to the Remind Me, in that it stores the Followup emails in a folder, and then tosses them back into the Inbox once the date arrives? Thanks for this great video.

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