MacMost Now 73: Ten iPod Uses Other Than Playing Music

Gary Rosenzweig looks at 10 things you can do with your standard 5G, 5.5G or iPod Classic other than playing music.

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    16 years ago

    Well, there is still another thing involving music for a different purpose: running!

    The new Nanos are just great for this task. The rubber bracelet fits great, and you can even plug the Nike+ receiver to keep track of the distances and get audio feedback from the route.

    16 years ago

    Use as a hard disk!

    Kasper Villum
    16 years ago

    You can search for hotspots with the iPod:

    16 years ago

    I use mine to sync with my Delicious Library so when I go to rent/purchase movies I know what I already have.

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