TextEdit Favorite Styles

You can create a collection of favorite styles in TextEdit to be used in all documents you create. In Rich Text mode, choose Format, Font, Styles. Then browse through the styles used in your document. When you see a style that you want to make favorite, click the Add To Favorites button. You can name the style and it will now appear in the Styles pop-up menu in TextEdit. You can also click on the Favorite Styles radio button in the style browser to go through your favorites and remove them.

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    3/21/09 @ 6:09 am

    I have some interest how I can copy these styles and to be able to send them to another computer or upgrade to a new system, I have not been able to find our how to do this, nor where the file is that stores this info on the system library

      3/21/09 @ 6:41 am

      It looks like they are store in com.apple.TextEdit.plist in the user/Library/Preferences folder. Probably along with other settings as well.

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