Time Running Out for Windows

So I’ve got Leopard and so I have Boot camp, and I bought a copy of Parallels to run Windows on my Mac Mini. The only thing I haven’t bought is the Windows OS. I want to get XP Pro But I’m having a hard time finding a boxed copy for less than $130, the same price as Leopard. Vista Ultimate is more like $250 new. Hmm… only one flavor of Leopard, which is pretty much ultimate by nature. Since Microsoft has announced that they will end production of XP on June 30, I’m faced with the choice of buying a soon to be obsolete (in Microsoft’s own words) OS or one that is rather buggy and tends to break hardware (hence it’s nickname Hasta La Vista).
Infoworld is circulating a petition for Microsoft to continue XP production, but what Microsoft needs to do is make a smarter, leaner single flavor of Vista that is the same price as Leopard (Yeah Right!)
While the Vista sucking issue is bringing users to Mac OSX and various flavors of Linux in droves, I need to get Windows just to run some obscure Windows only shareware apps. In fact, come to think of it I might even be able to get by with XP Home edition, that should cost less than Leopard.

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    Charlotte Ford
    2/18/08 @ 6:45 pm

    Love the macs! I Have a 1.25 GHz Tiger Mac Mini and a new 2.0 GHz Leopard Mac Mini. Very fabulous. I have a few obscure windows apps that I use on my aged Delta (Local Atlanta, GA computer company) windows 98 computer. Yes.. windows 98! I had thought to run updated versions of these programs on the Leopard Mac through boot camp and XP but.. really… now I am thinking of just forgetting it. I’ll wait to get mac versions of what these software do at some point but in the mean time, I think I’ll just keep my windows 98 machine going as long as I can and then when it’s all over for it, I’ll get some old windows XP laptop dirt cheap. It can run as slow as the hills and have a tiny hard drive, and still be fine enough for me. Were talking windows 98 apps! I haven’t used windows for anything serious in years and never looked back! Probably why people say I look so young. ; ) – C.

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