Tips and Tricks To Master the Mac Save Dialog

As a Mac user, you'll often have to use the Save Dialog to save documents and contents in applications. With the Save Dialog you can enter a file name and choose a location for the file. But there is a lot of functionality hidden in this simple tool to help you.

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    4 years ago

    Great stuff! I always learn something new from your tutorials, Gary. Obviously I use the Save dialog multiple times every day already, but I've picked up several new—and very useful—tips from this video. They'll save me a lot of time in navigating Save and the Finder. Thanks! 👍🏻

    4 years ago

    hey Gary, in the Save Dialog we see a place for Tags. I have used them in the past, but you have done great tutorials showing the functionality of searching for files many other ways. Are Tags necessary in the Save menu anymore?

    4 years ago

    Nick: macOS offers a whole variety of ways to organize your files. So you can do it the way you like. Some people may love to use tags. Others may like long filenames, or complex folder structures, or file comments. Use what you like but realize that others may work differently.

    Oleg March Photography
    4 years ago

    Is there a way to delete an open document, please?

    4 years ago

    Oleg: Delete an open document? Not sure why you would want to do that. Close the document and then delete the file. Or maybe you mean something else?

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