Toothless: iPod Touch Blues

I was drooling over the features of the 32GB iPod Touch, and thinking to myself that it may be the most perfect portable media device in the world. At 32GB it can hold most of my music and a couple movies. I was dreaming of kicking back on my next plane flight and watching a widescreen movie in widescreen with stereo sound in my Bluetooth wireless headphones… but wait, the iPod Touch doesn’t have Bluetooth? This has me scratching my head. When they were stripping down the iPhone to make the Touch, I can understand why they didn’t put a camera in it, but why did they leave out the speaker, the mic and the Bluetooth? I can believe it’s a cost issue, the 8GB Touch is a hundred bucks cheaper than an 8GB Phone, and the 32GB Touch is the same price as the iPhone 16GB.
I still can’t justify getting an iPhone myself, but for most I can see why they would spend their half a grand on an iPhone over a Touch. I would consider a Predam iPhone, but as of firmware update 1.1.3, no A2DP stereo Bluetooth on the iPhone either.
I know I could just buy a $49 iCombi stereo Bluetooth adaptor for the Touch or the iPhone. But that is just plain ugly and ruins the elegance of the device. C’mon Apple, have the Bluetooth fairy bring us A2DP Bluetooth in the next iPod touch and implement A2DP in the next iPhone update, please.

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    2/25/08 @ 9:10 pm

    Even without those features, the iphone is still a great device :)

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