Travel Apps

Before traveling it is worth thinking about adding some apps to your iPhone or iPad. You can download maps apps, language apps, apps with reviews and suggestions and also travel books. While in Tokyo, Gary gives some suggestions of the types of apps to look for and add to your devices before leaving home.

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    10 years ago

    Won't travel without
    worldmate - allows for input of all flight, hotel, meetings, etc.
    google maps - can us as a gps for car or walking
    google translate or "Translator"
    and of course all my frequent flyer mileage, hotel, car rental,etc as well as one you missed about free wifi - I use Free Wifi Finder
    and of course trip advisor and city guides.

    Linda Lyn
    10 years ago

    Thank you Gary
    Good to know about those things may be one day would be handy.

    Janice Eunice
    10 years ago

    Thank you for these useful travel apps. I am traveling to Kyoto, Japan in the fall and I am nervous about my first international trip. From Osaka we need to get the train to Kyoto. I will get the google maps, and the travel books. My question is can I use my Ipad mini in Japan? I love your newsletters, and videos, they are very helpful and informative. Janice

      10 years ago

      Do you an iPad with only Wifi? Or one that also has a mobile data connection (like through AT&T, Verizon, etc)? If the first, then there is no difference between being in your country or any other. You just need to connect to a Wifi network as you would anywhere. If you mean a mobile data connection, then you need to check with your carrier and ask them if there is a data plan that covers Japan. Of course, you could also use it in wifi-only mode and connect to a wifi network (hotel, coffee shop, etc).

    bob weber
    10 years ago

    Very helpful.

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