Tuesday, Good News Day?

The rumors are pretty strong that we’ll see three new models of MacBook Pros tomorrow as well as Time Capsules shipping.
The Time Capsules are reportedly in this weeks Best Buy printed flyer, and the stock numbers for the new MacBook Pros have been entered into Best Buy’s Point of Sale system, according to multiple forum posters on the MacRumors website.
The rumored features of the new Macbook Pros include multi-touchpads ala the MacBook Air and LED backlighting on the 17″ Models. Also Penryn processors are anticipated, one hopes that the Penryns run cooler than the current processors, which seem to run just below the melting point of the Macbook Pro’s Aluminum case.
Don’t hold your breath for iPhone SDKs tomorrow, most are saying that the SDKs wont ship for another two weeks.