Typing Special Characters Using Unicode On Your Mac

Often those in technical or linguistic professions need to enter specific Unicode characters while typing. You can type characters using their specific 4- or 8-digit codes by using a special keyboard built into your Mac. For other users, it is often easier to search using the character viewer or create shortcuts for commonly-used symbols.

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    4 years ago

    You are magnificent and very knowledgeable person...
    I dive in the deep side of Mac computing, thanks to you...

    4 years ago

    Oh! I have a question about Alt and Kntrl symbols.
    Which are the following my find outs correct, and is there one definition for them all?

    In many documents these are being shown differently:
    -Some resources are mentioning Alt symbol as ⌃ and call Option key.
    -Others say Control symbol (Kntrl written on the keyboard button) is ⌥ and also called as Option key.

    I always messed up with above but there is no problem with the Command ⌘ and Shift symbols ⇧.

    4 years ago

    Ert: The Option key should always be shown as ⌥ since that is the symbol printed on that key by Apple. The Control key should always be shown as ⌃ since that is what is on that key. If some document is showing them reversed then I would be worried about the quality of that document.

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