Use Hover Text To Make It Easier To Read and Type On a Mac

Hover Text is an Accessibility feature of Catalina and Big Sur that allows you to see the text your cursor is hovering over in a larger size. You can also see the text you are typing into fields or even apps like Pages. It is great for those that occasionally find text in an app to be too small to read.

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    4 years ago

    This is the most useful video you have produce!

    Nicholas Paul
    4 years ago

    HI Gary. this is excellent. I am used to Windows where many applications allow of a control key and mouse scroll to alter the size of the display text. I missed that feature in Mac but tired the recommendations you made and they really work for me. thanks !

    Eric Warden
    4 years ago

    Gary, I liked this topic. I did find some unexpected behavior though. With 'Hover' turned on but not activated via the Command button several apps will show the enlarged text when entering text. So far, I have seen this in Apple mail, Simpenote, Scrivener, Drafts and TapForms. Don't know if you were aware of this behavior, but thought it might be something people should be aware of. Note - this happens without pressing the Command button or Locking the function with the triple press. Eric

    carol labue
    3 years ago

    Hi. Hover text just turned on without my input. It's already turned off in the settings so how do I get rid of it? Thanks.

    3 years ago

    Carol: Are you sure it is off? Check again. Maybe try turning it on and then off again.

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