MacMost Now 336: User Accounts and Fast User Switching

If more than one person uses your Mac, you should set up multiple user accounts so each person has their own space for files and their own application preferences. You can use Fast User Switching to keep multiple accounts logged in at the same time so applications remain running and documents remain open.

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    11 years ago

    This was a very interesting MacMost Now. I would like just the icalendars in my MacBook Pro, my iPhone 4s and Ann's iPhone4S to work as one. I'm hoping I wouldn't have to set up a new account for Ann. It would be so nice if all our calendar entries were visible to both of us to avoid double bookings. Ann has her own PC (she doesn't use my Mac)and does not use her computer calendar. Is this possible?

      11 years ago

      So all you want to do is have a single shared calendar? Well, if your wife has an iPhone 4S then she probably has an Apple ID, right? (Apple ID = iCloud account). She should in order to buy apps and music, etc. So then just create a shared calendar with your iCloud account and share it with her using her iCloud account.

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