Using Dropbox Smart Sync For Remote Storage

A new feature added to Dropbox is the ability to set files or folders to be Online-only. The ideal use for this would seem to be archiving your old files to Dropbox instead of vulnerable local hard drives. While it works for that, the process is rather clunkly, forcing you to set and reset an archive folder to be Online-only and also minding your settings on all of your devices as you add files to Dropbox.

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    5 years ago

    Sorry to hear, as I keep hoping DropBox will do cloud-only (offline) storage as well as SugarSync, which I've happily used for over 10 years. I love how SSync makes cloud-only folders very easy to create and use (on top of complete total choice of which folders sync). But the price is ridiculous: 10x higher per-GB basis vs Dbox. I'd switch if DBox got its act together. Thanks for the review.

    5 years ago

    Always enjoy everything you do - very interesting and very professional.
    What is the device you have plugged in, positioned under the center screen?

    5 years ago

    Sluggo: That's just a light. It illuminates my face when I'm using the front camera.

    5 years ago

    Hi Gary, There is a big problem with Smart Sync that Dropbox appears not to be addressing. I'm sharing with you the most recent page of a year-long 42 page forum thread: Please skim through it. So many people are having major headaches with this! Myself included. I so wish it worked! I'm looking for insight from beyond the thread. Maybe Dropbox will listen to you? Thanks! Cheers, Anne

    5 years ago

    Anne: Do you mean the issue where the Mac thinks 100GB of files is 100GB of used space, instead of almost none? Yes, I see that. But I haven't had any issues with it. I haven't seen any "not enough space" messages because of it. I don't have any contacts or special pull at that company. Reporting the issue to them should be all that is required for them to work on a fix.

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