Using Mail Markup

With OS X Yosemite you can mark up images and PDF files right inside of the Mail composition window. This can make it easy to send notes and revisions back and forth between people working on projects. You can also add signatures to PDFs easily in a reply. The same tools are available in the Preview app outside of Mail. In the future, Apple and third-parties can add more extensions like Markup.

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    Will Rhea
    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary for doing this video about Mail Markup. I was going to email you and ask for one about the mail markup feature. Very helpful - thanks a lot.

    Kigara Kamweru
    10 years ago

    Always useful. Thanks.

    Scott Beattie
    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary - another useful video.

    Gary Ward
    10 years ago

    It does not seem that markup does not work with a 2011 iMac, the little icon for markup does not appear, also the attachments automatically come up when doing anything with that email

    Russ Winkler
    10 years ago

    Thanks, It will be great if Evernote Skitch can be used as a third party markup.

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