Using Safari As an RSS News Reader

With Safari in El Capitan you can subscribe to news feeds in the left sidebar and see an aggregated list of items that update automatically. You can also include Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. This allows you to see the news from your favorite sources all in one place without needing to go to individual web sites.

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    robert sigafoos
    8 years ago

    There are a few problems with the Safari RSS reader sidebar feature. It does not show as gray text after viewing & reading the individual feeds. It does not show quantity of new feed posts in the sidebar summary. Also, we have to do a search to separate different subscription feeds. I have been using NetNewsWire for past few years after Apple removed the RSS feature after Snow Leopard version and it seems to be very good app. Thank you for your tutorial on RSS reader.

    8 years ago

    Always enjoy your videos. Have just added Macmost videos to my 'shared links'. This way I don't have to wait for your email to arrive or search twitter feeds. If I have 4 - 5 minutes to spare and have my iPhone in hand, I can learn something new. Thanks.

    george wilson
    8 years ago

    I can't see how to have the current webpage appear when 'favourites' is opened up. The only options I see appear to be a few random sites from my Favourites bar. This is even if I have another news site as the current site, and also when I've unticked 'show frequently visited sites in favourites'. Thanks for any help.

    8 years ago

    George: If the site has no RSS feeds indicated I it's webpage coding, then there is nothing for Safari to show. Try it at a site that definitely has the,, like this site.

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