Using Shortcuts To Add Data To a Numbers Spreadsheet

A new action in Shortcuts for Mac allows you to add a row of data to a Numbers spreadsheet. You can prompt for information and then record a time and some data. Numbers version 12 is required. An older technique allows you to change existing data in a Numbers spreadsheet.

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    Mark Stacks
    3 weeks ago

    Gary, Thanks for this video on "Using Shortcuts". I've wanted a way to enter the date and time in a cell without having to manually enter the characters. When using formulas, I haven't managed to automatically populate the new date/time in the next data row without the date/time changing every time I open the spreadsheet. This shortcut does the trick without multiple cells converting to a static date.

    Thanks again. Mark

    2 weeks ago

    Good video Gary. I have a master spreadsheet. I take data (CSV files) each month and add it to the master. They monthly sheets contain all of the columns of the master but not in the correct order. Is there a way to use Shortcuts (or Automator) to automatically move the columns around so that the incoming table will match the columns of the master sheet? Thanks in advance.

    2 weeks ago

    Gene: There may be a way, but it would never be worth it. If you only do this monthly, just bring the CSV into a new Numbers document, drag and drop the columns to arrange, and then copy and paste those rows into your main spreadsheet. You'd have to do that for 12 months a year for decades in order for it to be worth automating.

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