Using Your iPhone To Post Facebook 3D Photos

A new feature of the Facebook app is the ability to take portrait mode photos from an iPhone X and post them as 3D photos. Right now to do this you need to have the latest Facebook app and enable this feature. It simply uses the multiple layers of the portrait photo to create a simple 3D effect as you move your phone, or move the cursor over the image on a computer.
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So here's a new Photos trick that uses an iPhone X and Facebook. You can post what are called 3D photos. Now what they actually are, are the portrait mode photos but instead of just using portrait mode to do something with the background and change the lighting they're actually using the information on the different layers of the photos to make a 3D image.

Posting them is a little tricky right now. Normally you would be able to go and just tap to write something and then there's a bunch of stuff you could attach here and 3D photos should appear there. By the time you watch this perhaps it will. That is if, of course, you have an iPhone that's capable of taking portrait mode photos. But in order to get that there for now you have to do a little trick.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to search for the Facebook 360 page. Once I find that page, there you see Facebook 360, and I'm going to Like It. Now I'm going to force quit Facebook, launch Facebook again. Now that I'm in Facebook again I'm going to go and go to post something in MacMost and there's 3D photo. Now I can select it. Now I can choose from one of the portrait mode photos that I've taken before.

So I've taken some examples here of some statues and I'll use one of them. It's going to allow me to just select this. Just tap it and it's going to create the 3D image. I can now move my phone physically move it around. You can see how it works. I'll hit Next. Now I can type something and I'll post it to my feed for MacMost and there we go. When I look at that post, here it is in Facebook. As I move my phone around you can see I can get this kind of weird 3D view of things.

So kind of neat. A little bit of a novelty but still it's a nice new option there for using portrait mode photos as 3D photos in the Facebook app.

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    5 months ago

    Never realised you could do this on FB, thanks Gary.

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