MacMost Now 121: Video Podcasting Secrets

Gary Rosenzweig shares some of his best tips for creating a video podcast. Advice about green screens, HD, editing, community and motivation.

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    16 years ago

    Another basic but good tips on Podcasting!
    Love two things you pointed out:
    1) Get a Good MiCROPHONE! Even the coolest shows can be hard to hear sometimes.

    2) Post everywhere! There are times iTunes will not download an episode right or I want to share one of your shows with a non-iTunes user. In both cases I turn to MacMost in YouTube. Easy to share or to view on any Mac or PC.

    Thanks for the tips Gary!

    Marco Conti
    15 years ago

    Good tips. But I do have a question for you:
    I am very familiar on how to "tag" MP3 for audio podcasts, but when it comes to video the more I read the more confused I am.
    What I want to avoid is to end up in the wrong spot in Itunes, like many podcasts I have been downloading recently.
    Most work well, but others download in the wrong section (either music or Video, instead of "Podcast").

    What's the best way to tag a video so Itunes, Youtube and co. categorize them properly?

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