MacMost Now 612: Viewing Photos With the Finder

If you want to view a folder full of photos in the Finder, you can do it using one of several Finder window views. You can also enlarge the icons, use Quick Look or Preview.

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    M Harris
    12 years ago

    AWESOME! I knew about most of those, but not all! Another reason why Apple is the best! Not ONE way to do something, but MULTIPLE ways, depending on the users NEEDS!!!

      12 years ago


      Love your videos. I'm a recent PC to Mac convert and I have been experiencing the growing pains of having to leave behind my understanding of file structures and placing documents into folders etc... In other words, knowing where all my stuff is and when I change the name of a file within an application, it changes the name of the actual file as well. For the life of me, I can't figure out why they did away with that. I have a couple of questions:

      When you go into your Finder in this video you can actually see your pictures. I, however, cannot. I can only see iPhoto Library where my pictures must reside, but that I've been warned never to open or mess with. How is is that you are able to go and view your pics so easily? Were these previously exported to a separate folder at some point?

      Also, I guess while I'm asking this, do you know of any setting either universal or in-app where I can make sure that when I change say, and iTunes song name or an iPhoto picture name, that it will change the filename as well?

      I find it extremely disconcerting to not be able to locate my picture by the new name I've just given it if I am trying to attach it to a webmail account email. I just see a bunch of DCS0123 filenames and I have to scroll through thousands of photos to find the one I want, and I don't want to be restricted to having to use iPhoto to share my pics through. Thank you!

        12 years ago

        The photos I am looking at here are not in iPhoto. They are just some photo files in a folder.
        In "libraries" like iTunes and iPhoto the filename and the "title" of the item are not related. But you never need to refer to or find the file at all. Just use the item from inside the library. For instance, you can drag and drop photos into and out of iPhoto. And you can also browse your iPhoto library when select a file. So the next time you want to attach a photo to a webmail form, just use that Open dialog, find your photos (look on the left side of the Open dialog) and grab the photo right from iPhoto.

    Andrew Murr
    12 years ago

    I have image capture on my mac, and click on the icon in Applications to open it. A window appears stating No scanner or camera connected. When I connect my digital camera to the mac, All the photos are sent to iPhotos. How can I activate Image capture to recognise my camera connection

      12 years ago

      I've never seen a camera not show up in Image Capture, but I suppose it is possible. In that case you probably can't do anything. You'll just have to use iPhoto.

    12 years ago

    thanx so much dude u helped me revover my school project that i foergot to save

    iris Ztarr
    11 years ago

    How do I increase the size of the photos when viewing them as thumbnails, they are so small and I don't want to scroll through each photo individually. Thanks!


      11 years ago

      Choose View, Show View Options. Depending on your Finder window mode (Icon view, list view, etc) you'll see different options for icon size.

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