MacMost Now 814: Viewing Volumes

Volumes are drives and other media connected to your Mac. You can view volumes in the Finder using the left sidebar, the Desktop, or in a Finder window. You can access them in several ways. You can also create a Dock Stack that gives you quick access to your Volumes.

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    11 years ago

    Great Site. I am really enjoying(learning) from the Video Guide to Mountain Lion.

    Nilesh Parmar
    11 years ago

    Im having a problem when i upgraded to Mountain Lion with server drive volumes, every time my computer goers to sleep our network server drive disappears. its definitely a bug as when i googled it, others have the same problem too. Have you heard of this issue?

      11 years ago

      No, sorry, I haven't experienced it. Is maybe the network drive going into power-saving mode? Or, maybe it just takes your wireless network a minute to re-establish a connection with either your Mac or the drive. If you set up an alias to that drive, do it help ease the reconnection?

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