Western Digital 2.0TB Drive

Not too long ago I recommended the Western Digital 1.0TB Drive, which is now an even better bargain at $85. But I decided to go with an even larger Time Machine backup drive when I saw you can get the Western Digital 2.0TB Drive for only $190. Even with my video editing and large photo and music collections, that should give me quite a deep Time Machine backup. I stuck mine inside my Mac Pro in the 4th bay, but you can use a cheap hard drive dock if you don’t already have one. Being able to get large drives like these for so little really takes away any excuse for not using Time Machine to back up your precious files.

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    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7/31/11 @ 2:44 pm

    Yes i purchased this item. I was very pleased with it, but i was contacted by Western Digital. They wanted to know did i have trouble installing it,or any other problem,and he explained you qualify for support. Can you help me with this if you can. On the box it`s got now with USB 3.0 but on the iMac they are only USB 2.0 ports. The product is My Passport Essential, Portable Hard Drive 500GB Has Lion got any USB 3.0 ports. Thanks Gary

      7/31/11 @ 5:24 pm

      Macs don’t have USB 3. But you can just use them as USB 2 drives.

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