Where To Find Things In the New macOS Ventura System Settings App

System Preferences has been replaced with System Settings in macOS Ventura. It looks very different and many settings have been moved and regrouped. Here's an overview of what has changed.

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    Buzz Bennett
    2 years ago

    Have tried to preserve the rotating Photos as my Screen Saver and/or Wallpaper. How do I adjust the size of the photos, which are rotating as before but now consume the Full Screen but are oversized and not "Fit to Screen"? Where do I make the adjustment? Thanks

    2 years ago

    Buzz: For wallpaper it is at the top. Select the photo, then you'll see a pop-up menu above the list where you can change the cropping. But I don't think you have any option when it comes to Auto-Rotate.

    Brian Foster
    2 years ago

    Your last comment: it will take time to adjust to where things are, but it's easier for iPhone users to acclimate to a Mac. Yes, it's Apple's continued degradation of the formerly superior MacOS to a flat iOS on the basis of marketing. The new locations of items in System Settings is just as random (perhaps more so) than in prior MacOSes. It is now harder to find things: the icons are smaller (we differentiate graphics easier than text) and the items are not even in alphabetical order! So sad.

    2 years ago

    Basically in the old version when you downloaded something and it was blocked by the mac you could allow it but opening the general pane but now where is it? I am very confused an need this help

    2 years ago

    Jai: After you try it once and you get the warning, Control+click on the app and choose "Open." See https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/open-a-mac-app-from-an-unidentified-developer-mh40616/mac

    Ron Iles
    1 year ago

    unable to get safari to open in full page on Ventura

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