Why You Can't Edit PDF Files In Mac Preview

Preview is a PDF viewer that comes with your Mac. While you can annotate PDFs, you can't really edit them. The proper way to edit a PDF is not to use a PDF viewer at all, but to go back to the original source document and edit that document in the app it was created in, then export a new version of the PDF.

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    Ed Adams
    3 years ago

    If the PDF isn’t locked with a password I don’t have. I can use Adobe apps to modify a pdf…

    Joe christoffel
    3 years ago

    I subscribe to Adobe PDF conversion option for ~$20/yr. It performs a faithful conversion to MS Word most of the time. Only when the doc has strange fonts, script, pictures intermingled with text that I must do extra work.
    All in all, though, I have found the Adobe service very useful.

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