WWDC 2010 Keynote

10:00 — Steve Jobs takes the stage and talks about the success of the iPad.
10:10 — iBooks app update, including in-line notes, new controls for bookmark functionality, ability to read PDFs. Out later this month.
10:12 — 225,000 apps currently in the app store.
10:20 — Zynga announces Farmville for the iPhone. Available at the end of June.
10:30 — iPhone has 28% of U.S. market. Android has 9%. iPhone has 58% of mobile browser usage, with Android at 23%.
10:31 — iPhone 4 announced. 100+ new features. 8 to be highlighted in today’s keynote.
10:32 — New design with glass on front and back, and steel on sides. 24% thinner.
10:34 — Front-facing camera. Rear camera with a LED flash. Micro-SIM tray. Second mic for noise cancellation.
10:35 — Steel band around sides is partly an antenna. Part is for Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS. Other part is for wireless.
10:36 — 960×640 pixel screen. 326 points-per-inch.
10:47 — Will feature Apple’s A4 chip.
10:49 — Bigger battery with 5-7 hours talk time, 6 hours of 3G, 10 hours of Wifi or video, 300 hours standby.
10:50 — Uses 802.11n for Wifi. Quadband wireless for higher speed than available now.
10:51 — Gyroscope for better rotation detection.
10:54 — 5 megapixel camera with better sensor for low-light photography. LED flash.
10:55 — Record HD video at 720p and 30fps.
10:57 — iMovie app for iPhone allows editing right on the iPhone. Uses themes, transitions, Ken Burns, titles, etc. Exports to 360, 520 or 720p. $5 app.
11:07 — iPhone OS now officially named iOS. This will be iOS 4.
11:08 — iOS 4 features multitasking, folders for apps.
11:10 — Mail has threaded messages, unified inbox.
11:15 — Bing added to Safari on iPhone as third search option, but Google to remain default.
11:15 — iBooks app to come to the iPhone with iOS 4. Purchase once, get on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Syncs place in book, bookmarks and notes.
11:30 — Apple’s iAds will start showing in apps on July 1.
11:32 — Front-facing camera enables video chat. Called “FaceTime.” Uses Wifi. Works on any call between two iPhone 4s. Can also use main camera.
11:38 — FaceTime uses standards which they hope will in turn be made into a video calling standard as well.
11: 40 — Comes in black and white. With 2-year contract will cost $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB. Any contact that expires in 2010 will be immediately available for upgrade pricing.
11:42 — On sale June 24. Pre-orders start on June 15 for U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Japan. 88 Countries by September.