MacMost: Printing

Adding Printers To Your Dock
You can add printer icons to the Dock to make it easier to print documents with drag-and-drop. You can also quickly access the printer cue and settings. This is particularly handy if you work with multiple printers.
Print Pages Per Sheet To Save Paper
You can use the Pages Per Sheet setting in the Print dialog box of almost any app to combine 2, 4 or more pages to one sheet of paper. This makes the print smaller, but can be useful if you are trying to save paper or only print a backup copy of some information.
Resuming and Viewing Print Jobs
When you print you actually launch a print manager app. This app allows you to see which print jobs are waiting, pause them, and even result them if they have failed while in the middle of printing. You can also use a viewer to see what is being printed.
MacMost Now 847: Printing a Portion Of a Document Or Web Page
You don't always need to print an entire document. Sometimes only a portion of a single page is all that is needed. By using OS X's ability to print to a PDF that opens in Preview, and some quick keyboard shortcuts, you can select and print only a small portion of a page, therefore saving paper and ink. This tip works for web pages, documents, or anything that can be printed.
MacMost Now 726: Printing Labels and Envelopes From Address Book
You can print both labels and envelopes from Address Book without needing to do a mail merge or use another app. You can choose from many different standard label templates or create your own. You can also choose different envelope sizes. You can print them in bulk, or just use this feature to print a single envelope.
MacMost Now 541: Printing From Your iPad With AirPrint

With the most recent iOS on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you can use AirPrint to print a document from some apps to some printers. Find out which printers are compatible and how the printing process works.