13 Alternate Ways To Use Emoji On Your Mac

Emoji can be used for more than just expressing emotion in text messages and comments. You can also use Emoji characters throughout macOS. They can help bookmarks, files and folders stand out, as well as calendar events and more. You can use them as clipart in Pages, Keynote and even in videos. You can even use them as special symbols in Numbers. They are also useful in the Mail app and you can also use them to search in the Maps app.

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    John Clark
    4 years ago

    Using the emojis as an alternative to conditional formating within a spreadsheet was a really neat idea. Very creative use for emojis that will increase productivity.

    I actually use the custom Memoji that looks like me. I saved out the memoji's representing different emotions. Yesterday i added it to the last slide of a presentation that i just created.

    Freifeld Ronald
    4 years ago

    Can you add Google company Logos to emoji favorites?

    4 years ago

    Freifeld: There are no Emojis of company logos.

    ed Adams
    4 years ago

    Can you use the character created in iOS messages memoji? in similar ways

    4 years ago

    ed: No. Those are just for iOS and built into specific apps like Messages and FaceTime. They aren't part of the regular character set, of course.

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