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1Password helps you keep your online accounts more secure by allowing you to use different secure passwords for every site you visit, while still making it easy to log on.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's MacWorld Expo special I talk to one of the creators of the very popular 1Password program.
Hello Gary, my name is Roustem and I'm part of the 1Pasword developers. Dave and I, we started developing 1Password about 3 years ago and this is our second MacWorld Expo. It's been a great show so far and a lot of interest people always interested, people seem to always react to our "Have you ever forgotten a password?" message, because today people have a lot of passwords online and they have to keep track of all of them. People tend to reuse their passwords just because they are afraid of forgetting a password for a website and not being able to log in. 1Password helps to solve this issue by keeping track of all the passwords that you have, and now that you don't have to remember a password for each website you can generate a strong password for every website and 1Password will keep track of them.
The idea is that all the passwords are encrypted and stored securely in the 1Password database, and you need just one master password to unlock all of your information and be able to use it. Probably the main power of 1Password comes from the direct browser integration. So if you are on a website, let's say you're on a bank website or Gmail website, anywhere else and you want to log in, instead of trying to figure out the password or find it somewhere you just click a button in the browser and everything is filled for you automatically.
So, with one password, you've got the application where you can go ahead and store different passwords and it automatically fills those in when you go to websites. In other words, the first time you log in to, say, Yahoo, it'll ask you if you want to save this inside of 1Password, and then you enter OK and it's saved. Now, next time you go to Yahoo and you go ahead and decide you want to sign in so you click on the sign in button, and then, when you get to the sign in page you just use the 1Password button, restore Yahoo log in, and it immediately fills in the ID and password, and you're logged into Yahoo.
1Password, it agrees with almost all browsers on Mac, so, we provide extensions for Safari, Firefox, Omniweb, DEVONagent, and Webkids, Camino.
If you enter a password, and decide to save the password when you're on Safari and decide to switch to Firefox, you don't have to worry about it. Just, you have the same information in all browsers. We get several emails per month probably from people who got attacked by phishing scams. Basically people get an email, let's say they're tired at the end of the day, they get an email, it looks very very similar to PayPal, or uh, Bank of America, or any other email saying Hey, you know, they usually put people under pressure saying you have to click right now or your information is going to be blocked out or something like that and people tend to click and see this familiar website, and then they'll try to log into this website and obviously that's when your information gets stolen. And we got a number of 1Password users that emailed us saying "Thank you very much for saving my identity." Just because 1Password won't let them use their passwords on the Phishing website.
So I've been using 1Password for awhile now and one of the great things it lets you do is create a completely secure random password for every website that you go to, make a completely different one. So, first of all, there's no way for people to guess your password, and even if they did it's different for every website. So if there's a security breach at one website, it won't mean that someone has your password to other websites as well. You can check out the product and get more information at 'Til next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    10 years ago

    That is awesome, revolutionary for sure.

    7 years ago


    What happens when there’s a problem with your computer and you have to restore or get a new computer and you can’t restore your 1Password!? Now you don’t have any of the passwords anymore because you’ve trusted them all to 1Password? People think things will always be how they currently are, but remember people have issues with their computers all the time.

      7 years ago

      Your 1Password file would be backed up with the rest of your files using whatever backup solution you use (Time Machine, probably). So it wouldn’t be an issue. I can’t imagine that someone would take the precaution to have strong passwords but would not take the precaution to do backups.

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