MacMost Now 187: 1Password

1Password helps you keep your online accounts more secure by allowing you to use different secure passwords for every site you visit, while still making it easy to log on.

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    15 years ago

    That is awesome, revolutionary for sure.

    12 years ago


    What happens when there's a problem with your computer and you have to restore or get a new computer and you can't restore your 1Password!? Now you don't have any of the passwords anymore because you've trusted them all to 1Password? People think things will always be how they currently are, but remember people have issues with their computers all the time.

      12 years ago

      Your 1Password file would be backed up with the rest of your files using whatever backup solution you use (Time Machine, probably). So it wouldn't be an issue. I can't imagine that someone would take the precaution to have strong passwords but would not take the precaution to do backups.

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