20 Voice Control Dictation Tips

Dictation on the Mac is pretty powerful as long as you are using Voice Control Dictation instead of standard Dictation and you know some of the commands you can use to perfect your text.

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    Jack Gilmore
    2 months ago

    with voice control dictation you can simultaneously use the keyboard and trackpad to move around the text doing edits/insertions, etc., and the dictation does not shut off. (I think Ventura may be required) This feature makes it especially effective and on a par with dictation offered by Microsoft. However, with standard dictation it is much more limiting because the moment you touch the keyboard or trackpad dictation shuts off. It's really a key difference.

    2 months ago

    Jack: Ventura isn't required. Voice Control dictation has always allowed keyboard input at the same time.

    2 months ago

    Thank you Gary. This is really helpful. I use dictation a great deal and sometimes do so to read a piece of text and copy it into a document. Other times I speak with my eyes closed so that I can concentrate on what I want to say. However, if there are errors in the text that has been dictated, it can be helpful to use the record function on another device at the same time so there is a way of retrieving my actual words.

    Lawrence j Diggs
    2 months ago

    Thanks. This was helpful.

    Ray Whitehead
    2 months ago

    Gary, following your suggestion I got dictation to work, BUT if I leave it and come back an hour later it won't work without a reboot. After the reboot it will continue working until I leave it for a while. Sounds crazy. Any thoughts as to how I might proceed?

    2 months ago

    Ray: Have you tried other things like turning it off and on again (in Settings, not just putting it to sleep)?

    2 months ago

    One of the most informative and helpful videos Gary - I've been wasting a lot of type finger typing for text or commands - maybe because I, like I sure a lot of others, don't investigate the functionality provided in " Accessibility". Many thanks

    David Van Nuys
    2 months ago

    Thanks, Gary! This is the most valuable video yet!

    Barry Standley
    1 month ago

    My old Dragon Dictation app gave up the ghost this past week, and that company no longer makes a version for the Mac. Thanks to this video I am now using the second dictation method described, through Voice Control, and I find it to be — so far — just about equivalent to Dragon. With the dictation I've done tonight the only bug I have found has been an absence of capitalization even though I've given the command to do that. It doesn't do it all the time, just on some words. Thank you Gary!

    Tom Merrill
    3 weeks ago

    Gary, there's commands I use that are missing or didn't work as described.
    1. When I say "New Line" or "New Paragraph" it automatically carriage returns 1 or 2 respectively. Great help in iMessage or Zoom chat where typing the carriage return "Sends" that message.
    2. Your description of forcing a numeral (1) vs the word spelled out (one) didn't work for me.
    3. 3rd issue - voice typing the dash (-). Works here but only infrequently in IOS. Tried "Hyphen" which works for a while then no more

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