7 Steps To Edit Your Photos In the Mac Photos App

There are a lot of adjustments you can make to photos in the Mac Photos app, but to get started learn these 7 simple steps.

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    Razvan Mihai
    10 months ago

    Gary: Thank you for yet another just-in-time tutorial. I have noticed that Photos offers extensions for publishing photo albums.
    I thought now was a good time to look back and have tangible memories in my hands.

    I am not sure, however, how to go about changing a bunch of photos, and at the same time keeping the original ones just in case.

    I was thinking of creating an album within the Photos app, but I am afraid any changes will alter the original raw photos. Any recommendations?

    10 months ago

    Razvan: Photos editing is non-destructive. You will always have the "Revert To Original" option.

    Mark Holmes
    10 months ago

    Gary, when you title a photo and/or add a caption and then share that photo, does the title and caption go along with the picture so that the person on the other end can see it?

    10 months ago

    Mark: Depends on which of the many methods you are using for sharing. Why not just try it and see?

    9 months ago

    I like how you set up the basics. I have a new iPhone 13 Pro and plan to start taking more photos. I am seeing all of the tools available in Photos. Thanks for sharing.

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