MacMost Now 361: Advanced Print As PDF

You can go even further with Print As PDF by printing into Preview and then saving the preview document. You can reduce the file size or apply any number of Quartz filters. You can even make your own filter. You can also save as an encrypted PDF.

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    14 years ago

    Thanks Gary for the tips.

    william Layberry
    14 years ago

    Bought and read your book GUIDE TO SWITCHING TO THE MAC. It was an enjoyable and easy to understand book that helped me as a beginner MAC user. THANKS!

    14 years ago

    The most helpful web site on the use of the MAc I've found.

    13 years ago

    Great tutorial!

    I'd love an entire episode about optimising PDF quality settings in preview, pdfpen and adobe acrobat. (file size / quality tradeoff)
    All the PDF settings like downsampling (bicubic,subsampling,average downsampling), PPI, Jpeg compression, types of OCR (Searchable image,clearscan, searchable image exact) can be overwelming.

    Fin Maciver
    12 years ago

    Hey Gary wots up. I'm an avid follower of your site and vidsā€¦.been so much help and very interesting and informative.

    So, I need to scan an A4 printed letter so I can save it digitally and send via email. I used Image Capture and saved as a PDF but the resulting file size is huge, over 17mb!! What am I doing wrong? Do I need to adjust the scanning resolution/dpi at the scanning stage or save as a different type of file or what?

    Thanks in advance.
    Cheers from Scotland :)

      12 years ago

      Yes, the DPI is the key. Higher = more detail but larger file size. You can save as a PDF if that is what you need. But a jpg will work too.

    Fin Maciver
    12 years ago

    Thanks Gary.

    Vegas Dan
    12 years ago

    Thanks Gary, great tutorials. I have 1 problem with Annotations in Preview. I send an annotated pdf to a client, they open it and can read the annotations but when they print the doc, the annotations do not print with the document. Is this a setting on their computer or mine? I know I resolved this issue a year ago at the Mac store but I have since forgotten how I did it. Can you please advise or point me the tutorial that explains this. Thanks and cheers from Vegas.

      12 years ago

      Not sure. I guess you can try exporting the PDF instead of just saving it and sending it along. Or, try printing it from your Mac and "print as PDF" and see if the annotations make it that way.

    11 years ago

    I love your videos Gary. I have a problem printing from preview.
    If I open a picture in preview, no matter how I resize it in preview, when I print it preview always prints it as an A4 picture (scaling the print to use the whole paper).
    Any idea how to set the printed output to be say postcard size etc?
    What I have to do now is put the picture into power point or keynote where the image can be made any size then printed.

      11 years ago

      When you print from Preview you get a lot of options paper size, scale, etc. Have you tried to set it to a smaller paper size, or at least change the scale to something much smaller?

        Joseph Allen
        11 years ago

        I created a customized filter called "reduce to 150 Pixels/inch" but ColorSync keeps changing the name back to "reduce file size copy" ... ))<: }

        How can I make the new filter name permanent ... ???

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